Our Commitment to Client Satisfaction

The ClearView Group partners are committed to delivering quality consulting services. To ensure each contract/ assignment is completed to the satisfaction of the client, each consulting contract is overseen by a ClearView partner. Regular status meetings between the ClearView partner and the client are conducted to provide an opportunity to identify concerns, resolve issues, and revise the assignment as necessary.

ClearView Group partners also regularly review assignments with each consultant to address status, issues arising, and provide support as necessary.

The ClearView Group measures client satisfaction at set points during a given engagement through online scorecards, telephone reviews, and face to face follow up, depending on client preference. A client-centred performance checkpoint plan will be established at the start of each engagement.

Within the health care sector, organizational capacity to support project delivery is a frequent barrier to effective project definition, implementation and benefits realization. It is this lack of organizational capacity that frequently drives the need to hire external resources in the first instance. Working closely with senior leadership, operational and line managers, The ClearView Group has developed streamlined approaches to ensuring that the right people are involved in making the right decisions at the right time.

Understanding the decision-making models at work in different organizational cultures helps ensure optimal business leadership, even in the case of limited accessibility and competing priorities.