Why Join ClearView
We value and respect our consultants, their skills and their commitment to excellence. We are committed to establishing programs that support our consultants in delivering their best. The ClearView Group’s commitments include the following:
  • “Shared Success” profit sharing – The opportunity to participate in an annual profit sharing program after completing 1,600 hours as a ClearView Group resource. 10% of annual net profits will be shared through this program.
  • “Talent Finder” program – A $1,000 referral fee for recruitment of additional high caliber consultants to The ClearView Group team. Referral fees will be paid after the recruited consultant has completed 800 hours as a ClearView Group resource.
  • “Opportunity Finder” program – Negotiated “opportunity finder” fee for consultants who source business for other ClearView Group resources through their existing contacts (fee depends on total contract value).
  • Training and Development program – In the evolving health care environment, building and maintaining professional skills and expertise requires a lifelong commitment to learning. Training and development programs can be expensive for independent consultants, especially those programs requiring travel. With our group “buying power”, we will endeavour to bring programs at group discounted rates that are not available to independent consultants. 
  • Knowledge Exchange Sessions – Regular opportunities to share ideas, discuss case examples, and participate in informal learning sessions.
  • Insurance coverage – $3 million general liability insurance group coverage; $1 million over the current required minimum for current government and health authority contracts.
  • Consulting opportunities – We believe ClearView’s collective skills and experience create tremendous opportunities for interesting, rewarding consulting work. Initially, The ClearView Group will concentrate on opportunities in British Columbia, but we plan to expand into other provinces and into the United States, and eventually internationally.
  • More exciting programs as our firm grows include group health insurance, conference speaker and guest columnist opportunities, and more … 
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