Working as a consultant in the health care environment is challenging, exciting and rewarding. Working with a team of highly skilled, value focused resources can make it even more so... The ClearView Group – Solutions for Health provides a unique opportunity for first-rate independent professionals to lead the transition to healthcare improvement as members of a premier eHealth consulting firm.  
The primary recruitment strategy for The ClearView Group is by invitation or referral. We value and respect our consultants, their skills and their commitment to excellence. We are committed to establishing programs that support our consultants in delivering their best.
We focus on ensuring that our consultant partners achieve their career goals and learning objectives through work assignments and educational opportunities. We offer internal training and development programs, regular knowledge exchange sessions, and ongoing coaching and mentoring from the partners and senior consultants. We have proven our ability to import highly qualified consultants from other sectors and quickly bring them up to speed in the complex field of healthcare.